Friday, June 11, 2010


These little ladies I call "SNOOKs"(Sweet Novel One of a Kind Sensations). Each Snook is made using one of my hand painted fused glass faces along with some of my other found treasures. Each one is truly one of a kind. The first little Snook is called Madeline. I love her expression and her wings are a combination of enamel and rhinestones. Her dress is an antiqued brass pendant.

This little Snook is called (Time Keeper). She started out with a silver pendant as the backdrop with a vintage Elgin Watch Face attached. One of my original hand painted fused glass faces is attached and then this gorgeous enamel and rhinestone encrusted bee finishes her off. As a finished touch I then added orange and green Swarovski glass crystals around her neck.

This little Snook is called "Twinkle Toes". Her wings are absolutely gorgeous. They are a beautiful peachy coppery color and it looks like stained glass. Two little pearls hang from a copper chain which looks like she is dancing.

I will be adding more in the next few days.


  1. My fav is time keeper. Your work is amazing!

  2. Thanks Bobbie! Your work is amazing also.