Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Book Is Completed

I just finished the book and have ordered it.  I will be sending out the names and addresses of the gift recipients to you within the next couple of days.  You can go ahead an mail your gifts out when you get the information.  The only one that will have to wait is the last one that signed up which will be sending their gift to my sister and her birthday isn't until Sept. 13.  Once everyone has received their gifts I will email you a link to see the book, and if you want, you can order one for yourself.  Thanks again for participating you guys rock!  For those of you that have websites, I will be promoting your shops over the next couple of weeks as a thank you. 
Here is a list of where the gifts will be coming from....
  North Carolina
 New Jersey
 New Zealand
 West Virginia
 Atlanta, Georgia


  1. This is so exciting! I can't wait to send my gift and get one back. The list of places is astounding too.

  2. I'm glad that someone else is as excited as I am. I will send out the names and addresses by this weekend. I have another project in mind so I hope that you will want to participate in that one also. More to come on that soon.