Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Pendants!

I love getting these darlings out of the kiln. It's like getting a surprise present.

I call this one Survivor. A friend of mine is going through her 3rd round of Chemo. She hasn't had her hair for over a year and a half, but she looks great. It has always surprised me to see people going through this and how good they look without all the hair. Let's face it, especially for women, hair is important. Look at all the products that are out there for us to fluff and shine our hair, and then I look at these people with the big beautiful eyes and smiling, what do they know that we don't. It's alot of trouble keeping our hair in the right style and condition that we want. The time and money that this takes is unbelievable, and then we have these brave souls, going through a life saving journey, wearing these great hats and scarves or none. Here is wishing them well.

More pendants will be added later today! I will have my Saint Patrick's Day Witch, Fortune Teller and her Cystal Ball, Lady of the White Birch and The Vamp.

This is one of my pendants that was beaded by Barbara Ellis. I love her work. She sells the completed items and also sells the patterns to do your own beading. She is a very talented lady. If you would like to contact her here is her email address, bje213@comcast.net.

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I call this one "Good Luck Witch".

This is Miss Tia, The Flower Child Fortuneteller.

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